Here are some highlights from the Crocodile Farm experience:


Photo taken from Crocodile Park Manila Facebook page


My personal favorite in the crocodile farm were the hornbill birds. The birds flew across the hall and actually caught their food in mid air. Hornbills normally live in natural cavities in trees or cliffs. They are omnivorous because they eat both fruits and small animals. What makes them special is that they are monogamous breeders. During hunting time, they leave their wives in safe cavities. They cover their homes with mud and leave only tiny holes where they shoot the food for their wives or children. They are not only monogamous, they are also responsible husbands and fathers!

Brave Volunteers

AJV @ Crocodile Farm

The host got volunteers from the students, teachers and parents. Mrs. Anama and the student volunteer experienced feeding a hornbill using their mouths. Mrs. Marasigan attempted to feed an orangutan with her mouth but the orangutan refused to get the food from her mouth.

Photo Shoot with Wild Animals

The Breath Taking Stunts with more than 90 Crocodiles

AJV @ crocodile farm

First, some volunteer Victorians fed crocodiles from the bridge. The feeding triggered the crocodiles to perform some “belly dancing” for us. After the feeding, a brave stunt artist actually walked and danced across a thin rope over 90+ crocodiles!