This year’s book fair included 3 activities – Royal Court Parade, Coat of Arms Design Making Contest and the Kingdom of Books Castle Making Contest.

A. Royal Court Parade

20160307_080348Select students dressed up as members of the High Court as part of the Royal Court Parade. The contest was open for all preschool to grade school students. The participants were judged by the principal and the English coordinator.

B. Coat of Arms

20160307_080352The slogan of this contest was: “Unite and get ready to invade the Kingdom of Books”. This contest was open to all Grade 3 to Grade 6 students. Each class made their own coat of arms or emblem using any art or recycled materials.

C. Kingdom of Books Castle Making Contest

20160307_080356The contest is open for all Grade 7 to Grade 10 students. The students could use any art material.

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