We, at Academia de Julia Victoria are committed to assist you in helping your child pursue their dreams. During the Career Day, each preschooler had a chance to “wear his dream”.  Watch the following video and see little ballerinas, doctors, businessmen and nurses.

Five Tips to Inspire your Kids to Dream Big

1. Pay attention

Childhood is a special time when they are free to explore, learn and express different ideas. However demanding they might seem, take time to actually listen to them. When we do listen to them, they will feel that their ideas are important. This will help build up their confidence to try new and bigger things. Listen and identify their interests.

2. Encourage growth

In this day of modern technology, it is easy for kids to spend their entire days playing online games. Limit the hours they spend playing on tablets and laptops. Find a hobby where they can learn new skills like swimming or playing piano. Check their homework and quizzes and teach them on areas where they fail.

3. Teach them to persevere.

Do not make it your ultimate goal to make their lives as comfortable as possible. Instead, teach them to persevere, to face their own trials. Teach them how to set realistic goals and encourage them to work on achieving these goals.

4. Dismiss perfection.

They will make mistakes. Your reaction to their mistakes will either break or build them up. Teach them how to face failures not just by instruction but by modeling. When they make mistakes or not meet goals, let them know that you love them just the same. I always tell my 2 sons that I love them and that will never ever change no matter what they do or don’t do.

5. Pray

As faithful stewards of our children, point them back to God. Pray and bless your children everyday.