The second stop for AJV field trip 2014 is at Museong Pambata which is along Roxas Blvd., Manila. Museong Pambata houses a lot of visual treats for students and parents. It is well maintained and organized into several themes such as Kalikasan, Old Manila, Career Options, Pamilihang Bayan, My Body Works, Karapatan Hall and Global Village. Here are a few pictures of our Victorians within the museum.



In the Kalikasan tour, the guides explained our responsibility to take care of our environment.

Then, they encouraged the Victorians to touch and explore some of the treasures of Mother Earth.





Old Manila

Our preschool Victorians had a lot of fun trying out the old tram in the Old Manila theme. The pictures are blurred because they were jumping while riding the tram.

AJV-Goes-to-Museong-Pambata-2014-02-13 10.23.45
AJV-Goes-to-Museong-Pambata-2014-02-13 10.23.51

They also got a chance to “talk” to our heroes like Jose Rizal, Manuel Quezon and Juan Luna.



Career Options

In this stop, we saw big paper mannequins of different professionals like those of nurse, doctor and lawyer. Look at our Victorian trying out different career options.



Pamilihang Bayan


In this stop, we saw the different products and services that we see in a local market.

Our Victorians were able to ride a mini fire truck in the Pamilihang Bayan section.
AJV-Goes-to-Museong-Pambata-2014-02-13 11.08.51

AJV-Goes-to-Museong-Pambata-2014-02-13 11.08.58

My Body Works

The entrance to this section was a large digestion system where our Victorians entered thru the mouth and went out thru the intestines. Inside this section, we were able to explore the different systems within our body.