Victorians go techie with Samsung 8.9 tablets. AJV embraces Change and Technology to nurture the 21st century learner. Both teachers and students in AJV are now using tablets in the classroom. The tablets use educational apps and e-textbooks of Vibe Reader. This makes learning more interactive as it provides limitless opportunities and possibilities in the discovery and collaboration of ideas.

Here are the benefits of using tablets over textbooks based on the research of Tablets for Schools team:

  1. Tablets help teachers improve their teaching strategy. They are more able to adjust their teaching styles to the needs of the students. This is specially useful for students with special needs.
  2. The use of tablets encouraged a better engagement among the teachers, parents and students. It seems that the tablets made it easier for them to get involved.
  3. The tablets helped trigger independent learning and collaboration. The students became more enthusiastic in studying their lessons.