Victorians from Grades 1-3 had their field trip on Nov. 23, 2015. They visited the Sta Elena Fun Farm and Gardenia plant.

Sta. Elena Fun Farm

The Sta. Elena Fun Farm provided care free fun for both AJV students and parents. It was refreshing to play with the farm animals, breathe fresh air and enjoy the beatifuly green ambiance.

The activities in the fun farm were organized per house team.Our kids enjoyed the following team building activities:
1. obstacle course
2. climb the rope
3. zip line
4. horse back riding
5. riding Choc-nut, the carabao
6. feeding the rabbits and guinea pigs
7. boating
8. fishing
9. play sand area

Gardenia Plant

Our grade school Victorians enjoyed the same routine when they visited the Gardenia plant. They watched the AVP presentation and then enjoyed the tour around the hands-free bread production plant.

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