Last Jan 23, our grade school Victorians went to the 2015 field trip. There are 3 stops:

  1. PETA to watch “Ang mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang”
  2. Malacanang
  3. Fort Santiago

Ang Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang

Lola Basyang told us 3 magical stories, all rich with morals. She was not the usual lola as she told as her magical stories. Lola Basyang engaged us with many tricks.

The design of the stage and the costumes are made up of recycled items. The queens and kings wore crowns made up of baby bottles, sponges and kitchen utensils. They use colorful rags for the costumes. The actors ran, danced and did all sorts of tricks while the same backstage transforms from a house to a river to a castle.

Ang Prinsepeng Mahaba ang Ilong

This story is very timely because they stood up against bullying. The prince with a long nose was bullied but his kind heart won over his enemies. Our Victorians enjoyed being part of the story when they let some of our kids join them on stage.

Ang Binibining Tumalo sa Mahal na Datu

In this story, we chanted “Sharay Sharay, iyong pagbutihan. Sharay, Sharay, utak ay talasan.” Her wit won over the rich king’s schemes.

Ang Mahiwagang Kuba

The story of the enchanted hunchback taught us how forgiveness heals and opens the door for many good things.


Only the students were allowed to enter the Malacanang museum. The museum displays memorabilia from the 15 Philippine presidents.

Fort Santiago

The last stop was Fort Santiago. Our kids had a lot of fun exploring the place. I felt grateful to remember that our heroes fought for our independence in that same place where we spent the last stop of the field trip. There we saw the foot steps of Rizal representing his last walk to his execution. We also saw his memorabilia and a replica of his Laguna house.

Educational Field Trip

The AJV field trip is done annually with the intention to further enhance the learning of our students. Learning is not confined within the walls of the classroom. If you are interested to enroll your child to AJV, you may check the following pages for more info: