It was a delight to see mommies and teachers working together to assist the Victorians in celebrating the Nutrition Month. It was obvious with the colorful presentation and good flavor that each food was made with labor of love. The teachers made sure that the 5-hour event will be optimized for maximum learning and enjoyment of the Victorians.

There were 4 rooms prepared for Nutrition Month and they are as follows:
1. Zumba
Each batch had an exciting time dancing Zumba. The nurse, teachers and volunteer parents gave instructions and danced with each batch.

2. Film Showing
Our kids watched an educational video about earthquake drills and the different seasons in the Philippines. Among others, they also learned what each storm signal meant.

3. Food Stations
Each kid was asked to bring 1 healthy meal and 2 unhealthy snacks. In this room, they exchanged their 2 unhealthy snacks to any of the healthy food prepared by mommies. We had fried rice with vegetables, veggie pizza, fruit kebab, fruit cup cakes, juice and milk.

4. Photo Booth
In this booth, they wore different costumes for the photo shoot. You can view the pictures below. They were laid out so you can easily see your child. You can click on any picture to enlarge.

Here are some quick links for easy viewing:

  1. Video of Nutrition Month – Grade School
  2. Photo Booth – Grade School AM
  3. Photo Booth – Grade School PM
  4. Photo Booth – Preschool

Video of Nutrition Month – Grade School

Photo Booth – Grade School AM

Photo Booth – Grade School PM

Photo Booth – Preschool