Congratulations, Victorians! AJV is among the Top Qualifiers for the 2018 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Imus Division Math Challenge.

Congratulations to our coaches, Ms. Clarina Andres, Ms. Jenny Rose Sularte, Ms. Geraldine Ele, Mr. John Emil Flor, Mr. Third Iballar, for a job well done.

The 2018 Division Math Challenge Oral Finals for Elementary Level will be held on
February 8, 2018 at Malagasang Ill Elementary School while the Secondary Level on
February 9, 2018 at Unida Christian Colleges from 8:00 am to 12 nn. 🙂

Grade 1

Coach: Ms. Clarina Andres

1. Alicaway, Marco Sebastian
2. Zacarias, Samantha Angela
3. Duay, Roland Josemaries

Grade 2

Coach: Ms. Jenny Rose Sularte

1. Villas, Francine Freia P.
2. Alviz, Marc Kelly P.
3. Dura, Eivan Nathaniel

Grade 3

Coach: Ms. Geraldine Ele

1. Gualberto, Solange Penelope F.
2. Alolod, Jon Dwayne C.
3. Ynte, Danica Mae S.

Grade 4

Coach: Ms. Geraldine Ele

1. Yu, Ethan Geoffrey Paungan
2. Tabernilla, Tyrhone James Q.
3. Deado, Claire Eugene L.

Grade 5

Coach: Mr. John Emil Flor

1. Calimbahin, Gianina Andria T.
2. Leung, Kerr Yves H.
3. Trugillo, John Balian G.

Grade 6

Coach: Mr. Third Iballar

1. Pantajo, Neo Gabriel L.
2 Talavera, Justin Lawrence R.
3. Alolod, Jon Bien C.

Grade 7

Coach: Mr. Third Iballar

1. Galas, Sophia Gabrielle
2. Tabernilla, Hershae Mae
3. Eladia, Gene Vincent

Certificates of Merits


Neo Gabriel L. Pantejo
2nd honors, Grade 6

Justin Lawrence Talavera
3rd honors, Grade 6