The theme of AJV Buwan ng Wika 2015 is:

Filipino, Wika ng Kaunlaran

It started with story telling of 2 famous Filipino books:

1. Tiktaktok at Pikpakbum

Authors: Rene O Villanueva; Renato Gamos
Summary: Brothers Tiktaktok and Pikpakbum are at the height of their sibling rivalry. They fight over anything. Things take a different turn when the thoughtfulness of one saves the other from real danger.

2. Ang Barumbadong Bus

Authors: Rene O. Villanueva, Jo Ann Bereber-Gando (Illustrator)
Summary: Ang Barumbadong Bus is about Kas, a reckless bus who acts like he is the king of the road. He does not care what happens to others. This book teaches children that they should not be arrogant, instead be sensitive to the people around them.