Additional Information on Protocols and Policies
for Academic Year 2021-2022

Important terms to know


Online Learning

Online learning is education that takes place
over the Internet. It is often referred to as
“e- learning” among other terms.
(retrieved from http://www.wlac.edu/online/documents/otl.pdf)


Blended Learning

A style of education in which students learn
via electronic and online media as well as
traditional face-to-face teaching.
(retrieved from https://www.teachthought.com/learning/the-definition-of-blended-learning/)


Synchronous Learning

Synchronous learning is the kind of learning
that happens in real time. This means that
students and teachers interact in a specific
virtual place, at a specific time. Methods of
synchronous online learning include video
conferencing, teleconferencing, live chatting,
and live-streaming lectures.
(retrieved from https://thebestschools.org/magazine/synchronous-vs-asynchronous-education/


Asynchronous Learning

Asynchronous learning happens on your
schedule. Modules, reading materials,
assignments. course of study, and other
materials are provided and can be
accomplished by the learner within a flexible
time frame. Methods of asynchronous online
learning include self-guided lesson modules,
streaming video content, virtual libraries,
posted lecture notes, and exchanges across
discussion boards or social media platforms.
(retrieved from https://thebestschools.org/magazine/synchronous-vs-asynchronous-education/


Learning Management System

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an online system or software which is used to plan, execute, and assess a specific learning process. In simple words, software used in eLearning programs and which helps in administration, documentation, tracking, and recording. Learning Management Systems are used to maintain online collaboration over the internet.
(retrieved from https://elearningindustry.com/discovering-learning-management-systems-basic-functionsbenefits

When is the opening of classes?

Classes will begin on August 16, 2021; class section, class schedules and other important reminders will be given before August 16.

What subjects will be offered?

N1 and N2 – Kids Brown, Reading and Writing
Kinder – Reading, Language, Science, Sg Math, Filipino, CLE
Grades 1-3 English Language Arts (ELA), Singapore Math, Filipino, Science, Araling Panlipunan, CLE
Grades 4-6 English Language Arts (ELA), Singapore Math, Filipino, Science, Araling Panlipunan, EPP, CLE
Grades 7-10 English, Math, Science, CLE, Social Studies, Filipino, TLE

Combined with the time-tested and researched based practices of AJV such as Zoophonics, Kids Brown, Sg Math and Brain-based learning, AJV will align its curriculum with the DepEd learning continuity plan: Most Essential Learning Competencies. Modules, Info Maps and other references will be released through the Genyo platform to help all learners during this time of adjustment.

Will the students use textbooks, school supplies and uniforms?

Yes, students will still have textbooks as their main reference. List of books for 2020-21 is now available.

School supplies like bond paper, Oslo paper, construction and colored paper, pen/pencil, eraser, sharpener, coloring materials, ruler, protractor, USB, glue, scotch tape, scissors, poster paint, paint brush and others will still be used for important and essential performance tasks. Notebooks may still be used for notetaking but not required. Students may still use old notebook/s if there are free and clean pages, bigger and able students may use apps that allow note taking in an organized manner.

School uniform will be worn every Monday and during online school assemblies. Students are to follow the dress code based on the school policies every time they will attend an online class.t.

How long will the classes be?

N1 and N2: 2-hour class daily
Kindergarten: 30-45 minutes per subject
Grade 1-10: 1 hour per subject with with snack time snack and lunch breaks

Will class size be the same?
Class sizes will remain the same to ensure that students will be given opportunities to interact with their teachers and classmates during live online classes.
Are we required to submit printed outputs?
No, all outputs including answered book pages are to be uploaded to Genyo, just take a clear photo of the answered book pages.
Will attendance be checked during online learning?
Yes, attendance will still be checked during online and blended learning. It is important for the students to attend their live online class so that they can maximize the learning opportunity. Attendance will also be based on the submission of tasks.
Will there be opportunities for my child to virtually interact with his/her classmates?

Synchronous classes will provide opportunities for students to interact with each other and learn collaboratively. This will allow students to inquire and explore with their peers, virtually. Staying connected emotionally and socially with peers is an important development for students, thus, we will allow them to interact and socialize during homeroom time and assemblies.

What Learning Management System (LMS) will be used?

What Learning Management System (LMS) will be used?aPreschool students will use ClassDojo/Google Classroom/Seesaw, Grades 1-10 will use Genyo and Google Classrooms and other Google Apps such Google Docs, Google Slides, etc.

Do I need to bring my gadget to school to have the LMS downloaded?
Genyo is a web based LMS which can be accessed using a browser, access is similar to the AJV Portal.

Will there be activities and class discussions? How will online learning be implemented?
  • Yes, live online meetings will be scheduled 4-5 days a week so teachers can discuss the topics from our new and revised curriculum. Online Class Days will be a combination of interactive activities and discussion where participation will be maximized and Module Days can be allotted for Performance Tasks and online quizzes via Genyo.
  • Synchronous learning (live online classes) This modality will elevate the constraints on parents in delivering the topics, but for smaller kids, adult supervision may still be required to assist them in going through the technical requirements of this learning modality.
  • Asynchronous learning (online) This modality will can be used alternately with Synchronous learning and can be done during class days and module days (as described in our SPLno.1). Students will access their Genyo accounts/Google Classroom and work on self-directed modules: performance tasks, online quizzes, group tasks and others.
How will the students be graded, will there be performance tasks, assessments and deadlines for submission?
  • Tasks and assessments will remain the same, it will be in the form of Written Work (WW), Performance Tasks (PT) and Term Exam (TE). We will still use the existing grading system unless DepEd releases a new system and we will comply with their directives.
  • Genyo, is a secure platform that will enable the teacher and students to accomplish tasks for WW, PT and TE eliminating the possibility of test sharing among students.
  • As mentioned in our SPL#1: Academic Plans for 2020-21, Performance Tasks will be given during Module days, PTs will be designed as self-directed that can be accomplished within 30minutes to 1hour depending on the level. Late submission should be communicated to the concerned teacher.
  • We strongly promote the submissions on/before deadlines. This will continue to strengthen our students’ time management skills, discipline and commitment to learn especially for the upper grade levels.
What are the requirements for the AJV Online Learning?
✔ Stable internet connection (preferrably, broadband)
✔ Headset/Earphone: Should be comfortable for long use.
*For smaller kids, we recommend a wireless headset so that students can still freely move as there will be singing, dancing and other activities.
✔ Choice of desktop computer/laptop/tablet
*If your existing gadget is working properly you may still use it, you are not required to buy a new one.

Recommended Specifications:

  • Android tablet with OS Version 8 or higher (screen size is at least 10 inches)
  • Windows laptop/desktop with Windows 8.1 or higher;
  • Chromebook with Chrome OS v.68 or higher
  • iPad OS11 or higher
  • iMac/Macbook with MacOS v10.11 or higher

✔ Printer is useful but it is optional, for parents who want to train and develop the student’s fine motor skills through writing. It is an option for you to print the
worksheets then upload them after answering.

What support will the school provide for the parents and students as we navigate this new world of online learning?
👍 Orientation will be given to parents and other caregivers at the beginning of the school year. This will cover topics such as routines and guidelines for meeting online, tips for establishing a routine at home, setting consultations with teachers and others.

👍 Just as we would with face-to-face learning, we will spend time helping your kids become accustomed to the online learning environment.

First week of classes will be devoted in helping the students with the following:

  • Tech practice sessions to help students navigate the learning platforms: Genyo/Google Classrooms/ClassDojo
  • Orient and prepare the students mentally, socially and emotionally with this new norm.

👍 Our Helpdesk will be available during office hours to provide you with assistance.

What will our role be as parents of online learner?
👪 Be a REASSURING PRESENCE for your child/ren, and collaborative and supportive partners of the school.
👪 STAY IN COMMUNICATION with the school to give feedback, ask questions and relay concerns.
👪 ENCOURAGE INDEPENDENT LEARNING. Just like in the classroom, give your child the opportunity to learn on his/her own. Limit your role as a guide on how to foster your child’s learning capacity.
👪 STAY INFORMED by checking the Genyo/Google Classroom/Classdojo and emails for updates and messages each morning of the school week. We recommend that you set a time in your daily routine to check the platforms and emails for updates and announcements. For bigger kids, we recommend for parents to keenly supervise and monitor weekly the submission and participation of your child/ren.
👪 DESIGNATE A LEARNING SPACE for your child/ren which will serve as their “little classroom” at home for different kinds of work like hands-on activities, computerbased activity, movement activity, art, writing, quiet reading, etc.
👪 HELP YOUR CHILD/REN (PRESCHOOL TO GRADE 3) ACCOMPLISH THE VARIOUS SIMPLE TASKS that will be given. If they are finding a particular topic challenging, contact the teacher to let her know that your child needs additional support.
What will CHARACTER formation look like online?
Teachers will continue to lovingly attend to character formation, focusing on helping students understand themselves and their feelings. We will also encourage students to begin to reach out beyond themselves to their peers, teachers, and families, whether online or face-to-face.

Furthermore, we will teach students to be respectful, responsible and kind digital citizens who use polite words when they speak or chat with others; who listen sincerely to their peers.

Will there still be activities for Spiritual Formation?
Spiritual formation is one of the pillars of AJV Education, aside from the daily prayer, we will continue to have other online paraliturgical celebrations and observances.
Is there a way for parents to monitor their child’s online participation and submission progress?
This is a common dilemma for parents whose child is in the intermediate to high school level, where students are independent and can manage their own schedule and tasks.

Our online platforms will allow students to access their own accounts, but access details/credentials such as username and passwords will be given to the parents. We suggest that you share that access details with your child for monitoring purposes.

What conduct is expected of the students?
Victorians are expected to observe appropriate behavior face-to-face or online. Students will attend an orientation on Proper Netiquette, Social Media Privacy and Protection for online learning, Digital Citizenship and its Responsibility.

👉 Students should always communicate with respect, use polite and courteous manners; be it in chat, posts, comment, or
👉 Outputs in PTs, WW should be authentic. Copy pasting of answers from the internet is not allowed.
👉 Students should always practice honesty. Copying of others’ work and sharing of answers are strictly prohibited.
👉 Students should be diligent in accomplishing their tasks and attending their online classes and assemblies.
👉 During nonuniform days, simple and comfortable clothing may be worn. Sleeveless and other provocative clothing is prohibited.

and others…

What is the framework of the AJV Online Class?

The school week will be divided into “Online Class Days” and “Module Days” which are described below (see table). We decided on this online learning model in order to adequately regulate the days when students have to be fully online.

How does the AJV Online Class look like?

What is the difference between the AJV Online Learning and homeschooling?
AJV Online LearningHomeschooling
After considering student, parent and teacher's feedback about the 3rd Term March-May Distance Learning, we have made major enhancements to our delivery of online learning. AJV online learning for this coming school year is a more active and robust live teacher presence.

Aside from daily live instruction, teachers will provide a range of interactive materials, other learning references or modules for all subjects to ensure that students can learn all of their lessons. The teachers, coordinator and department heads will also be available for consultation regarding your child’s development.
This is in contrast to online learning which requires that the parent to take primary responsibility for the child’s learning.

This means that parents will be the ones to look for and implement a developmentally-appropriate, DepEd compliant curriculum, select instructional materials, design lessons, deliver instruction, monitor student progress and behavior, give feedback regarding academic performance and administer assessments among other tasks.
If I choose to HOMESCHOOL or TRANSFER my child for a year, can I still enroll him/her next year?
Returning students will need to undergo the application and admission process again if they choose not the enroll this coming school year.

For homeschooled kids, they need to submit the certificate from DepEd: Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEP TEST) showing that they have passed the test unless enrolled to a credited and licensed school that provides homeschooling.

Will there be a refund on the miscellaneous fee if parents choose to continue with online class for the rest of the school year?
Miscellaneous fee components and computation is on the premise that classes will shift to blended learning.

Miscellaneous like library fee, audio/visual fee and medical fee will be refunded if the plan for blended learning will not push through.

In the event, that we are given a go signal to shift to blended learning and some parents will OPT OUT of this modality, the above mentioned miscellaneous items will be refunded to them.

#AJVkinect Salient Features

Learning is personalizedLearning is authenticLearning is social
Learning to learnCreativityCollaboration
Self-directionCritical ThinkingCommunication
PlanningProblem SolvingICT Literacy
Flexibility and
Develop quality

Source: SG Learning Design Circle
Credit: Lung Hsiang Wong

AJV Instruction is a combination of these…


Synchronous or Asychronous

Engage students in academic conversation about a text, video, posdcast, topic or issue.



Conduct a think-aloud as you navigate a task, apply a strategy, practice a skill or use an online toll or resource.


Synchronous or Asynchronous

Transfer of information or explain a complex topic through online lecture or min-lessson.


Synchronous or Asynchronous

Assess student’s work and use the data to determine what the students need moving forward.


Synchronous or Asychronous

Encourage student to research a topic or issue and crowd-source the information they find.



Group students online and allow them to work collaboratively on shared tasks.



Ask students to think about what they learned, how they learned it, what questions they have about the concept or skills covered and what support they need to continue improving.

When it is clear to shift to Blended Learning, are students required to go to school?
During this stage, parents can choose how their child will participate in the two Class Days. Your child can continue to take them online from home, or they can go to school for face-to-face classes. The Module Days will continue to be taken at home.

During Class Days, we are planning to stream the class via Zoom so that students who wishes to stay at home can still join the class or we can try to record the class for reference.

But this plan is not yet final, we are still carefully reviewing this. You will be informed once final decision has been made.

What health measures will be done for student’s safety during Blended Learning?
When we shift to blended learning, the necessary protocols will be put in place to ensure social distancing, limited class size, proper hygiene, and other safety standards for the students who are in school.

Both the academic and administrative teams are working on the plans to ensure your child’s well-being while on campus.

1. Use of no contact thermometer upon entry;
2. Installation of hands-free alcohol and soap dispensers on different key areas;
3. Mandatory use of face mask and face shields for students, teachers and staff;
4. Alcohol supply per classroom;
5. New classroom layout that ensures physical distancing;
6. Hallway and canteen markers to ensure physical distancing; 7. Alternate class schedules to control the number of students coming to the campus.

Below are additional questions and concerns gathered from Parents

Will the synchronous classes be recorded and uploaded? How long will they stay uploaded?
Yes, subject teachers will record synchronous classes and upload it to their respective Genyo accounts. The recordings will be kept there until the end of each term.

This is done so that students who experience poor internet connection or who wants to review the classes may do so at a later time.

Will my child have to log in and out of his/her Genyo account to access his subjects?
Students will use ONE (1) link for their synchronous classes. This link assigned to your child’s section and adviser will be their permanent Zoom link. It is the subject teacher who will adjust and enter the class advisory link.
Does my child have to keep his/her camera switched on during a synch class?

We prefer that students keep their camera ON during classes. However, if this affects internet connectivity, they may switch it off after attendance checking and turn it ON during recitation.

Where will teachers teach from?
Teachers will be reporting back to school so that they can teach from a more conducive environment.

We have upgraded our internet connectivity by installing access points school wide and 2nd internet provider as back up; One (1) computer unit has been set up per class.

Will we suspend classes when the government suspends due to typhoons?
We are still waiting for the LGU directives regarding this matter.
What Learning Modality is available for students who have poor or no internet connection?
MODULAR Learning will be available for students with no internet connection.

Teachers will be printing the modules for the week and parents can pick them up
at AJV and submit every Friday before 3:00PM.

Fees will be adjusted depending on the services that will be given to the child.

Module inclusions are Info Map, learning plan for the week, worksheets and other learning materials.

Does AJV have a special payment arrangement for parents who are seafarers and OFWs?
Deferred Payment no interest will be charged until such time that your remittance becomes regular and stablecan be paid in cash or on termscash

Please present any of the following documents to our cashier’s office:

  • Termination of contract from employer
  • Seaman’s book with stamp of previous/current embarkation and disembarkation

This is AJV’s way of helping you secure the quality education your child deserves and that you are working hard for.

We are excited to work with you as our students adjust to their new norm
  • AJV has been working hard in gathering data and listening to feedback from students, parents and teachers.
  • AJV will continously train and mentor teachers and staff to deliver effective and engaging online teaching.
  • AJV will strive to put in place the systems and structures we need in order to run an optimized online learning experience where students are taught and closely guided by their teachers.

SY 2021-2022 Enrolment Advisory

Enrollment is going on until opening of classes; you may register online (website)

  • Cash Discount: Php1,000.00
    ▶ until July 4, 2021
    ▶ applicable to cash/fullpayments on tuition and miscellaneous
  • Early Bird Discount: Php1,000.00
    ▶ until July 4, 2021
    ▶ applicable to cash and installment payments
  • Sibling Discount:
    ▶ 2nd sibling-10% discount on tuition
    ▶ 3rd sibling-20% discount on tuition