AJV bagged the following major awards in the Fun Run 2015:

  • Early Bird Award
  • Most Number of Participants
  • Most Disciplined

Let us rejoice with our Victorians who won the following awards:

Fun Run 2015

  • Preschool: Angelo Hernandez won 2nd place
  • Grade 1-2: Angelo Miguel Oli won 3rd place
  • Grade 3-4: Harvey Mejida won 3rd place and Gabriel Anama won 2nd place
  • Grade 5-6 Love Jewel Bondoc won 1st place.
  • High School: Angelica Ramos won 1st place
  • Teachers: Teacher Daze Salvo won 1st place

Students, parents and teachers all enjoyed the time in the Fun Run 2015 as you can see in the pictures below: