AJV offers a proven strategy to help students level up on their Reading and Math skills this summer.

What is iReady?

Watch the video below to understand the overview of iReady program.

How can iReady Help your Child?


iReady identifies where students are struggling

This is especially beneficial for providing differentiated instruction and for identifying gaps spanning back multiple years, or for determining where students are ready for further challenge. i-Ready Diagnostic assesses student performance across the key domains in reading and mathematics for grades K–12, providing a valid and reliable measure of student growth with detailed diagnostic results and individualized next steps for instruction.


iReady creates an Individualized Program for each student

Based on the results of the i-Ready® Diagnostic, students are automatically placed into student instruction customized to their placement levels. These online lessons provide a consistent best-practice lesson structure and build conceptual understanding, in addition to being engaging and fun for learners of all levels.


iReady measures the growth of the student across the student’s career

Because the Diagnostic adapts across grades K–12, i-Ready provides a valid and reliable growth measure from year to year. Use i-Ready across the district to track yearly student progress and to optimize administrative decision making for long-term performance improvements.


Teacher-led Instruction

Provides additional downloadable lessons to help meet individual student or small group needs