Kids Brown 2.0

KIDS BROWN 2.0 By: Aslan EduForum Inc.

Kids Brown 2.0 is a curriculum based English Program originated from Brown University by Polly Ulichny, Ph.D and edited under the supervision of Dr. Toni Colwes of the University of Pennsylvania.

Kids Brown 2.0 uses Thematic Instruction and Metacognitive Approach that is communicative and functional where learning is based on exploration that is holistic and coherent. This approach makes the students feel that what they are doing is important and gives them a mental schema of what will happen in their class. It is a curriculum organized around a theme that integrated developmental and subject areas which contributes to a child’s growing awareness and understanding. Theme based curriculum is supported by many theories such as the Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory, Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory and Bruner’s Constructivist Learning Theory.

Kids Brown 2.0 is one of the best English Education Program for preschoolers, designed as a perfect introductory course for literacy and aimed at developing children’s “Logical Creative Thinking” and “Problem Solving Skills” with themes connected to subjects like Language Arts, Music, Math, Science, Social Studies, and others.

Kids Brown 2.0 is in accordance with the Department of Education’s Omnibus Policy in Kindergarten Education.