Mr. and Ms. AJV Guidelines:

1. Each House will choose one pair of representatives: one (1) girl and one (1) boy from any grade level. The chosen representatives will compete for the Mr. and Ms. AJV title. The pair with the most number of votes will be crowned as Mr. and Ms. AJV.

2.The contest will also have several special award categories to be awarded to the pair showcasing the: Best in Talent, Best in Casual Wear, the Best in Evening Gown, the SMART Victorian (Best in School Uniform) Award and the Most Photogenic.

The criteria for the Special Awards are:

A. Best in Talent
Each pair will prepare a 3- to 5-minute talent presentation showcasing both of their talents and skills during the Mr. and Ms. AJV Pre-pageant Ceremonies and Talent Show.
Overall Performance 30%
Originality 30%
Audience Response 20%
Personality 20%
Total 100%

B. Best in Casual Summer Wear
Each pair will come in their casual summer wear during the gala night.
Suitability 30%
Poise, bearing and projection 30%
Stage presence 30%
Overall impact 10%
Total 100%

C. Best in Evening Gown
Each pair will show off their best evening gown or outfit made with recycled materials for the gala night.
Creativity and Ingenuity 30%
Suitability 20%
Poise, bearing and projection 20%
Stage presence 20%
Overall impact 10%
Total 100%

D. SMART Victorian Award (Best in School Uniform)
Each pair will showcase their complete AJV uniform during the pre-pageant & talent show.
SMART Victorian Look 40%
(compliance to the prescribed complete school uniform)
Poise, Bearing and Projection 30%
Overall Impact 30%

E. Most Photogenic
Each pair will prepare a glamour shot while wearing their complete AJV school uniform. Print the glamour shot on a 3 by 4 feet tarpaulin and submit to the Mr. and Ms. AJV Committee on/before Friday, January 22, 2016.
Photogenic beauty 40%
Captured personality or mood 30%
Ability of the contestant to share herself in the image 20%
Composition and design of photograph 10%
Total 100%

3. The houses will work together to raise votes in order for their candidates to win. Please remember to sign the official tally sheet of the candidates that you are voting for. All entries in the official tally sheet are final.

There are three (3) ways to VOTE:

A. Victorian Spirit Shop. Any student, parent, guardian or guest can purchase any of the limited edition AJV merchandise available at the Victorian Spirit Shop located at the AJV Office. All purchases have corresponding votes.
B. Victorian House Bazaar. Buy pre-loved goods and homemade products in the Victorian House Bazaar. Each house will have a table/tent where they can showcase their products. Each student can donate any pre-loved item or homemade products to be sold at the bazaar. One peso (P1.00) will correspond to two votes.
C. Token Votes. Buy a token from the Victorian Spirit Shop to cast one (1) vote for your chosen candidates. Each token costs one peso.