The Montessori School Administrators Association (MSAA) conducted the Season 4 National Scholastic, Civic and Creative Challenge with the theme: “Appreciating, Protecting and Enhancing our Environment and Natural Resources” on January 28 to 30, 2015 at the Hotel Dominique, Tagaytay City.

Our young Victorians made us proud by taking home a lot of awards from the Pre-School competitions.

Story Reading

Nursery Boys
Johann Theodore Dawinan1st Place
Kinder 1 - Boys
Marco Sebastian Alicaway1st Place
Kinder 1 - Girls
Sophia Blasco1st Place
Llana Ember Cabigting2nd Place
Kinder 2 - Girls
Isabella Marie Palomaria3rd Place
Francine Freia Villas5th Place

Story Telling

Nursery Boys
Kurt Sebastian Manantan2nd Place
Elijah Tud3rd Place
Zach Kiandree Mendoza4th Place
Nursery Girls
Samantha James Taala3rd Place
Kinder 1 - Boys
Marco Sebastian Alicaway1st Place
Angelo Hernandez3rd Place
Kinder 1 - Girls
Llana Ember Cabigting1st Place
Kinder 2 - Boys
Pax Joachim Delgado2nd Place
David Nathan Divinagracia5th Place
Kinder 2 - Girls
Francine Freia Villas2nd Place

Nursery Rhyme Recitation

Nursery – Boys
Jessie Bruce A. Abian4th Place
Johann Theodore Dawinan5th Place
Nursery - Girls
Jianna Reese Tamayo5th Place
Kinder 1 - Boys
Marco Sebastian Alicaway5th Place
Kinder 2 - Boys
Franco Miguel Balane3rd Place
Kinder 2 - Girls
Jasmine Felice Mamites1st Place
Francine Freia Villas4th Place

Creative Dance – 5th Place

Jasmine Felice Mamites
Isabella Marie Palomaria
Dhannie Anne Anacio
Jessica Andrei Castro
Nesney Sofie Dedil
Sachiko Puzon
Marc Kelly Alviz
Harris Gabriel Orcasitas
Angelo Hernandez
Julia Antonia Clet
Kara Meneses
Thea Alexa Cabanatan
Aiden Franczesca Reyes
Zyper Jay Barrato
Yna Sophia Uy

Vocal Solo

Nursery Boys
Elijah Tud2nd Place
Marcus Clarence Mariano3rd Place
Nursery - Girls
Athalia Eve Baluyos2nd Place
Kinder 1 - Boys
Marco Sebastian Alicaway1st Place
Kinder 1 - Girls
Andrea Bien Poyaoan5th Place
Kinder 2 - Boys
David Nathan Divinagracia1st Place
Anton Ezekiel Camba 4th Place
Keith Travis Espiritu5th Place
Kinder 2 - Girls
Asher Raine Ynion 1st Place
Jasmine Felice Mamites2nd Place

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MSAA Coaches

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