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    PSA Certificate Number

    For incoming Nursery 2 and Kinder, type 'No LRN'

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    e.g. Jr, III (If applicable)

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    EMAIL ADDRESS to be used for the AJV Portal (grades) and where the Assessment of Fees will be forwarded.

    For Students with Special Education Needs



    In case of emergency

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    Family Information

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    Household chores/responsibilities assigned to the child: How frequent? (Rarely / Sometimes / Often / Always)

    Medical Information

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    Scholastic Information

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    Personal Characteristics

    Child's talents hobbies and interests

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    Co-curricular activities your child is interested to join:

    What are the strengths / positive qualities of your child?

    What problems, conflicts, and worries do you experience with your child?

    Write comments or information about your child which may help the teacher/guidance counselor or student mentor understand him/him better.

    School Service

    Private car / vehicleAJV Accredited School BusCommuterNon-AJV school service (tricycle, van, etc.)

    Household Capacity and Access to Distance Learning

    This section is for survey purposes.

    walkingpublic commutefamily-owned vehicleschool service

    How many of your household members (including the enrollee) are studying in School Year 2020-2021? Please specify each.















    i.e. college, vocational, etc.

    parents/ guardianselder siblingsgrandparentsextended members of the familyothers (tutor, house helper)able to do independent learningnone

    cable TVnon-cable TVbasic cellphonesmartphonetablet with cameraradiodesktop computerlaptopnoneOthers (please specify)


    own mobile dataown broadband internet (DSL, wireless fiber, satellite)computer shopother places outside the home with internet connection (library, barangay/ municipal hall, neighbor, relatives)none

    online learningtelevisionradiomodular learningcombination of face to face with other modalitiesOthers

    lack of available gadgets/ equipmentinsufficient load/ data allowanceunstable mobile/ internet connectionexisting health condition/sdifficulty in independent learningconflict with other activities (i.e., house chores)No or lack of available space for studyingdistractions (i.e., social media, noise from community/neighbor)Others

    Payment Details

    Please select the mode of payment that you wish to use, the information you will provide will be used for the preparation / generation of your Assessment of Fees which will be sent through email. Assessment of Fees will be sent 1-2days after you submit this online form.

    By default, miscellaneous is charged as 'one-time' payment. Tuition can be settled in cash, semi-annual, trimestral and monthly mode.




    Number of children enrolled

    Option 1: Deposit payment through any BDO or BPI banksOption 2: Mobile Transfer or Online PaymentsOption 3: Pay at AJV Cashier

    Procedure for payment through BDO and BPI banks (Please take note of the details below if you are planning to use OPTION 1 and 2). Payments can also be through Gcash, you may use the BDO Bank details for this method.

    ways to pay


    After payment has been processed, you will receive an email of confirmation of your enrolment and payment.

    1. Class section will be released one week before the opening of classes on August 17, 2020.
    2. Please always check the FB account of AJV for the schedule of orientation and other important announcements.

    For Questions and Clarifications:

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    FB Page: Academia de Julia Victoria of Cavite
    FB Messenger: Academiade Julia VIctoria (no space)
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    Landline Number: (046) 489-4004
    Cellphone number: 0929-319-0341 (Smart), 0995-144-6300 (globe)

    "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble. Therefore we will not fear…"
    - Psalm 46:1-2


    By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. I understand that if my child is accepted, any false statement/s, omissions, or misrepresentations made by me on this application may result in immediate dismissal. Allowing my child's picture to be posted on social media (e.g. School's Facebook) and have it printed in flyers, tarpaulins, and other printed materials in cases wherein my child participated in an event and/or received an award from competition/s that needs recognition.