What is Richer Picture?

Richer Picture is a digital portfolio that also contains student/teacher goals, student reflections and teacher evaluations. This online collection of student work can be accessed anywhere using the given username/password.

Benefits of Using Richer Picture

1. Students can showcase their work in any media
– The teachers or students are free to upload files in text, audio, streaming media, pictures, animation video, or any software-specific format.
2. Parents abroad can view the work of their kids online.
– Each student’s account can be accessed anywhere.
3. Manageable and personalized teacher evaluation
– Beyond the quantitative scores from exams, the teachers are also able to document the student’s progress via periodic evaluation.

Parent’s Guide

1. Open a web browser and go to: http://www.richerpicture.com/ajv
2. Click on “Elementary School.”
3. You will now be at the login screen. Enter your login name and password.

You will now be at your home page.

On the right side of the screen (under the banner) is a profile menu. These links do the following:

  • Portfolio allows you to view the homepage. The homepage will show you your child’s name, photo, grade level and section.
  • Help displays a new window where you can get instructions for each section of the portfolio.
  • Log Out logs you out from the system.

The tab will show you the subjects.

Richer Picture Orientation

Comments from Parents who Attended the Orientation

This is a good program & I hope time for teaching will never affect in this program. I’m looking forward for every upload of the teacher for my daughter’s activities in school.

– Maja Angelica Ramos

This is a good tool to see my child learning & things for imrpovement.

– Audrey Castro

The Richer Picture Program is an excellent tool so that us parents can know what our child does in school especially for nursery students.

– Anonymous

Nice start!

– Jaycee Idos / Jillian Idos

Would be better if there’s ready internet connection for everybody.

– Paxjoachim A. Delgado

It’s a nice program & for me it’s very useful since Gavin’s father is working abroad. He will have an access of my son’s progress in school. It’s about time that our student will expose in this kind of program for future use. Thanks!

– Cross Gavin Golez/ Jackie Golez

If visual aids can be made more clearer that would really be great.

– Joan Dawinan

Very useful tool. Thanks AJV!

– Pam Tuazon Uy

I make sure to archive pics and vids of my child whenever AJV has activities that parents get to witness. Glad that AJV has this initiative to show and inform parents of those events that us parents don’t get to capture. Looking forward to see my child’s progress via this tool.

– Roxanne Cabigting

I’m excited to see my child’s improvement since I do have difficulty teaching him & let him does his homework and he doesn’t even tell me what he did in school. Hence, this richer picture I may see even a bit of what he’s doing in school and how he’s learning from school. Thanks!

– Anonymous

Just make sure that all of this will work

– Anonymous