Richer Picture By Bright Ideas Technology

Academia de Julia Victoria envisions to create the total learning environment for your children. As we endeavor to provide them with 21st century education – creating a culture of creativity, effective communication, active collaboration and critical thinking, we sought to provide you and your children the tools to give them these opportunities. It is with this in mind that we have sought the help of Richer Picture® System.

Richer Picture® System is one of the foremost providers of educational technology projects in the United States. They believe that the best educational technology projects should be driven by education. They offer technological solutions like the Richer Picture Digital Portfolio and Gradebook System. These will help students showcase their skills and talents through engaging multimedia presentations. Here, students can collect, select, and reflect on their best work. Using these technological solutions, students will be able to successfully showcase their growth over time.

As one of the first schools to adopt Richer Picture Digital Portfolio and Gradebook System here in the Philippines, the Richer Picture Digital Portfolio and Gradebook System have been successfully implemented in a pilot study here in AJV Last School Year 2015-2016. This year, AJV is expanding the adoption of these programs for the students in the Preschool to Grade 2 and High School.

To learn more about the Richer Picture® System, you may also access their website through this link: .