Dear AJV parents/guardians,

We are grateful for your continued support as we chart our way forward through these uncertain times. After you took the online survey, we took note of the feedback, questions, and suggestions you gave, and we will try to address them in our subsequent communications.

In this letter, we wish to outline our academic program for SY 2020-2021 to give you an overview of our “new normal”. The concept of going to school, as we know, will not be the same anymore and education will take on a different face and meaning this coming school year. In spite of the pandemic, we are still looking forward and are excited to partner with you in this transformative experience for your child and your family.

Online Learning for 1st Term (August – October)

Online Classes will be conducted using GENYO Learning Management System and Google Classroom as a back-up (and/or other platforms we see fit for this alternative learning). Students will use their personal accounts that will be used to access their virtual classrooms. The school week will be divided into “Online Class Days” and “Module Days” which are described below (see table 1.1). We decided on this online learning model in order to adequately regulate the days when students have to be fully online.

Online Class Days

  • Students will attend live online classes with their teachers and classmates
  • Begin with advisory period
  • Have classes that last for 30-40 minutes (Preschool) & 1 hour (Grade School & High School) per subject
  • Have breaks for snacks and lunch
  • Have maximum number of classes per day:
    3 subjects – Preschool
    4-5 subjects – Grades 1-3
    6-8 subjects – Grade 4-10
  • We will try to record and upload classes so that students can view the classes at a later time if needed

Module Days

Online classes can also be a Module Class

  • Two days a week (tentative)
  • Students will work on learning modules in relation and support to lessons taken during Online Class Days
  • Begin with advisory period so the class adviser can set the agenda for the day
  • Modules are uploaded by 8:00 AM, students will work on modules in any order and at their own pace and submit their outputs by 5:00 PM
  • Have a maximum of 3-4 modules (primary) & 5-6 modules (intermediate) & 6-7 modules (secondary)per day
  • Teachers are available for consultation at specified times

Learning modules are the innovative feature of the coming school year. They are not simply homework or workload, but are self-directed online and offline activities that are designed to supplement and support the Online Class Days. Each module is workable for 30 minutes to one hour depending on the student’s grade level. Modules are designed with a learning objective, a pre-activity, learning tasks, and a post-assessment.

Wednesdays will be devoted to student assemblies, mentoring chats, remedial classes, and other formative activities.

These plans for alternative learning will be culminated through a school-wide trial run before class opening on August 17, 2020. Through this, we hope to smoothly transition into this new mode of learning.

Blended Learning AFTER 1st Term (November onwards)

Blended Learning is an approach that combines face-to-face and online learning experiences. Ideally, online and offline classes will complement the other by using its particular strengths.

After 1st Term, we will carefully evaluate if we can shift from an online-learning model to a blended learning model. During this stage, parents can choose how their child will participate in the two Class Days. Your child can continue to take them online from home, or they can go to school for face-to-face classes. The Module Days will continue to be taken at home.

The school week will be divided into “Class Days” and “Online Class Days” which are described below (see table 1.2).

Class Days / Face-to-face

  • Two days a week
  • Will have an advisory period
  • Have classes at least 5 hours per day
  • Have breaks in between classes for snack and lunch

Have a maximum of 4-5 subjects/classes per day (this may vary depending on the level of your child)

Online Class Days and/or Module Days

  • Two-three days a week
  • Combination of Online Class days and Module Days (as described in table 1.1)
  • Will have an advisory period
  • During this stage, a new schedule will be released.


Guided by DepEd’s Most Essential Learning Competencies, we will streamline our curriculum content and coverage so that our students can focus on mastering the most important competencies of the different subjects.

We are also studying the possibility of integrating some subjects (in the lower grade levels) and integrating assessments (in the upper grade levels) to help your child adjust to our new set-up. We will continue to require textbooks for certain subjects since they are valuable educational tools apart from the computer screen.

Academic Platform/s

AJV has started working on contingency plans for this incoming school year. We are in the process of evaluating several educational platforms in addition to Genyo to serve as back-up and alternative modalities.

With the Genyo learning management system, our school will be able to have the flexibility to engage students into learning their lessons in the most fun and exciting way and at the same time allows teachers to create or customize their own multimedia contents, activities, and assessments. These platforms have resources and supplement materials for students and teachers that are aligned with the K-12 curriculum. This program also comes with a Learning Integration Specialist, a consultant who will be assigned to stay in school to address online and offline troubleshooting. To know more about this learning management system, you may visit this site:

Academic Preparation

These alternative modalities of learning will have great impact on how our teachers teach and how your child learns. In preparation for this adjustment, we will devote a significant part of the mid-year training program to equip our teachers with the necessary skills, tools and mindset to be able to effectively teach online.

We will do our best for the AJV educational experience to be maximized by assisting and preparing your family for this change through our live Parent/Family Orientation Webinar which we will discuss the following:

  • Safety Protocols for Class Days / Face-to-face
  • Introduction and video tutorials for Genyo LMS
  • Guidelines on conducting Class Days and Online Class Days
  • The process for going about the technical side of online class
  • Introduction of the online class platforms such as Google Classroom, Zoom and the like
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Physical Safety Preparations

AJV is currently negotiating with companies to physically upgrade hardware for a better internet school wide connectivity and requesting an internet service provider to install an additional and/or back up internet connection. For the online classes to run smoothly, AJV will be subscribing Zoom Licenses that will be used by the teachers to maximize learning through this learning mode.

When we shift to blended learning, the necessary protocols will be put in place to ensure social distancing, limited class size, proper hygiene, and other safety standards for the students who are in school. Both the academic and administrative teams are working on the plans to ensure your child’s wellbeing while on campus.

  1. Use of no contact thermometer upon entry;
  2. Installation of hands-free alcohol and soap dispensers on different key areas;
  3. Mandatory use of face mask and face shields for students, teachers and staff;
  4. Alcohol Supply per classroom;
  5. New classroom layout that ensures physical distancing;
  6. Hallway and canteen markers to ensure physical distancing;
  7. Alternate class schedules to control the number of students coming to the campus.


An important consideration in making this model work is your connectivity to the internet at home. Definitely, tools or devices or as we know it, “gadgets” will be of importance. Desktop computers, laptops, tablets should have a working web camera. It is also wise to be prepared with a good pair of earphones/headsets. The platforms and apps that will be used for the online classes are compatible and have been tested to work on almost all types of gadget/device: android or IOS.

As early as now, we are urging families to plan out possible subscription to a stable and reliable ISP or internet provider. We know that some families have 1 functional computer/laptop and there are several children who will be using them. We also know of parents/guardians who have to work and, therefore, cannot fully attend to their children, especially the younger ones. We are brainstorming for creative ways to be able to help you address this concern.


This pandemic has caused a financial strain on everyone; however, tuition covers teacher’s salaries and other school resources that enable us to continue our services. These different learning modalities entails extra if not double effort on preparing for both online and face-to-face classes. There will be no tuition fee adjustment: increase and decrease. Instead, there will be a substantial reduction of the miscellaneous fee.

Please take note that all protocols and fee stated above are all subject to change, everything will depend on the progress of this pandemic and on the directives from DepEd and/or Imus Local Government

Throughout these weeks, you may expect to receive updates on further developments that concern our academic program. For concerns and queries, please feel free to reach us at or call us at (046) 489-4004 –  Mon-Sat | 9:00 – 4:00PM

Thank you so much and God bless us all.

In Christ,


Academia de Julia Victoria
Management, Faculty and Staff